Day 0: About Me and the Next 31 Days

I’m Matt Criscuolo–Eagle Scout, health nut, closeted bando, certified science nerd, and avid water drinker.
I study chemical engineering at the University of Delaware, I’ve learned a lot from the marching arts, and I’m sure the two intersect somewhere.

In order to establish two important habits, I have committed to writing and running every single day in the month of January–as prompted by #writeandrun31. As the challenge has no restrictions on how much to run and write, I am starting small to ensure my success. This may mean one hundred words a day for the first week; I may have a stroke of inspiration on any random day and knock out a thousand words one day. I am leaving this quantity semi-negotiable as the quantity is not as important as the consistency.
In these first thirty-one days, I make no promises that I will publish what I write each day. If a day’s work is worth publishing, it’ll show up here! I will, however, commit to publishing an update at least once per week with an excerpt (or a whole piece) of what I have written. After this month, I will establish a regular posting schedule. More on that later.
The running portion of this challenge is equally important to me. I am establishing consistency because my lack of consistency in the past month has earned me a foot injury, the severity of which is unknown. Don’t worry, I can walk and function like a normal person, it just hurts a lot when I run. Due to this, I will do some form of reasonable (as defined by me) exercise every day. I will not count holding a band horn as reasonable exercise–this I will do in addition to the rest.
I have access to roads, trails, an elliptical machine, a set of dumbbells, and some possibly cheesy workout videos. If it all possible, I intend on getting creative with it (while abiding by normal training principles so that I actually make progress).
While writing and running are noble activities, I mostly look forward to establishing consistency that I can work with in other habits. I too fall victim to trying to start a great habit and losing it within a few weeks due to a lack of consistency.

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