E + R = O

Or, Reactions to the Reactions of The Guy who Dissed Bandos.

Event plus Reaction equals Outcome.

I’ve been seeing people bash the person who posted something negative about band. Honestly, I don’t understand the reaction. While I concede that many of my Facebook friends and people I follow on twitter are band-related, the reaction still seems fairly big.

Reading a few of his tweets brings me to the conclusion that most of what he says is similar to the “offending” tweet about band. And this brings me to the first and main problem:
Who cares what someone says?
Is it because he has nearly fifteen thousand times as many twitter followers as I do? Honestly, that means nothing to me. Is it because he said something mean about an activity I like? Yes it is. That brings me to the second problem:
The reactions are extremely childish.
Allow me to put this into perspective. What I see when I read some of the responses is a pack of four year olds saying “You aren’t allowed to dislike what I like!” Last I checked, the people responding were generally of at least high school age–ergo, not four year olds. I put myself at risk to some kickback from said community, but I would say that these childish reactions make the greater band community look worse than if it were completely ignored.
Another perspective on the childish reactions: another aspect of these responses is the implication that his subjective opinion is objectively incorrect. The truth is that it’s impossible for that to be the case.
I also have a problem with the official DCI twitter account’s involvement. This is more about my personal style on social media presence, but more power to them for trying to stick up everyone. The official dci account tweeted about fifteen times. Two of which I found outstanding: “There isn’t a dispute on earth that can’t be resolved with a @DCI @DrumlineBattle How about it @jimrome? #challenge” and “What up dorks?” Aside from my minimalist style, I dislike the DCI account’s name calling. I definitely understand the concept of teaming up with your target demographic and making them feel good–but name calling? Really?
In dealing with any hate toward an activity you love, I would like to leave you with this Einstein quote:
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
In other words, if the E and R are very simple minded and make no attempt to do anything other than attack someone or try to say their opinion is wrong, the O is completely worthless.

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