Or, Why I Love Thug Kitchen

Warning: I’m writing this warning before the rest of the post and it may get profane.
This cookbook speaks to me on many levels.
If you didn’t know, I am very passionate about food and healthy lifestyle choices. I also like to think that I’m thug as hell (I’m not actually). And TK allows me to combine those two things beautifully.
If you haven’t heard of Thug Kitchen, allow me to drop some quotes from the book’s trailer.

“[I Have] a condition that affects lots of people today: not giving a fuck about what I eat.”
“I remember a time when I thought my kids got enough nutrition from that prepackaged bullshit I bought at the store. I was such a lazy fucking asshole.”
“Thug Kitchen helps me cut through the bullshit with language that I can understand.” (This is spoken by an actress who is supposed to look like a grandmother).
If you’re not picking up what I’m putting down: TK is a very down to earth cookbook with amazing vegan recipes (I make some bitchin’ lentil tacos from it last night). Although the entire trailer is pure gold and I could have quoted the entire thing, I chose those three quotes for a specific reason.
TK makes healthy cooking with great ingredients easy and understandable for everyone.
In an excerpt of an interview, the authors of the blog and book stated (paraphrase) that they liked the contrast between the “normal” vegan cookbooks that used beautiful photos and beautiful language–the kind of stuff that turns real people off–and TK, which uses beautiful photos and has mad street cred.
I think that anything that can get “normal” people to:
a) give a fuck about wha they eat
b) stop buying prepackaged bullshit
c) understand and love great food, and
d) have fun while doing it
is clearly doing something very, very right.
Speaking of the authors, TK was not written by N.W.A or any real thugs. It was written by a relatively wealthy white couple who lives in Hollywood. For reasons unknown to me, this angers people.
Okay, for reasons not entirely unknown to me. I think it’s like a rapper like Ice Cube who raps about having the typical rapper upbringing but really he’s been upper or at least middle class all his life. But He’s still hard as fuck so no one messes with him. But the authors of TK aren’t hard as fuck. They’re real people.
It’s possible that I’m defending the authors simply because they’re championing a cause that I love and support. But I mostly think that people are overreacting. I also hate that people have let this detract from the real mission of the blog and book–to help change the way America eats. Possibly contrary to popular belief, this is a huge issue. One that I can’t get into right now.
If Thug Kitchen can convert the masses to clean eating and let them have fun–I’m all about it.
I love Thug Kitchen.

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