Days 10, 11, and 12: A Log of Band Exploits

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The following is the log I kept while traveling to and from, and while I was in Canton. It is largely unedited because I think it’s funnier that way.

The passenger’s name has been removed from the log by request. I don’t care if you already know who the passenger is, but please don’t mention said person. They would prefer not to be associated with the term fuckboy.

Anything in quotes was spoken by the passenger, everything else is me.


4:42 we got a speeding ticket. I think we were doing 86 in a 70 zone. Passenger says, “Pennsylvania is full of fuckboys.”
I’m not sure if I agree. This might be because I live in pa.

5:23 If I don’t make any band I’m joining bdc

6:16 it’s fucking cold

6:47 why the fuck is it snowing there’s a 20% chance

11:59 I forgot to bring my music to warmup. I lived and barely made a fool of myself


7:37 Prayin 2 based god we don’t go outside for any reason.

We didn't go outside. I was very happy
We didn’t go outside. I was very happy

12:12 I survived visual audition. Someone was looking every time I fucked up but I think that’s how it works

5:37 I was close to auditioning and then dmac took a mental health break. I guess I’ll play after dinner.

7:46 okay. I survived music audition. I pretty accurately displayed my playing which is to say the straight up technique parts were pretty good and the real music was questionable at best

11:03 pm Ow.


11:57 am I ended up breaking down boxes with some vets. I keep finding myself doing things with them. Notnsure why or how.

12:13 it’s Brett larter’s birthday.

2:00 I did the thing
I did the Thing

2:18 fazzoli’s is closed. Weekend wasn’t worth it.

5:27 passenger yelled “this whole state is fuckboys” out of window.

6:47pm “I mean, if you’re from Tennessee you might as well kill yourself”

8:15 “they got people so white they don’t use electricity.”

8:20 meat slander laws suck

8:45 arrived home. I enjoyed keeping this log

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