Day 14: Tell Me Your Secrets

Or, Why Every Trip to the Baritone House is a Struggle


If I answered this demand truthfully every time, I would be a completely transparent person.

Luckily for me, it’s a difficult question.

It’s an extremely difficult question.

Even looking past the very obvious problem of being willing to expose your secrets to someone, secrets are hard to think of! When I hear or make a demand for someone to tell secrets, the response more often than not is asking for a category of some type. This is usually because not all secrets are created equal and naturally aren’t all easy to come up with.

The secrets that are really easy to come up with are those super deep dark secrets that the statement is looking for. No one is willing to give those out though. They try to come up with lesser secrets–more like fun facts. These fun facts are extremely difficult to think of because they’re ingrained in who you are. It’s kind of like asking the super deep questions that question existence. The type of things that the person experiencing it can’t quite comprehend because they’re experiencing it.

Some of these are very interesting–for example: I am afraid of and generally refuse to use elevators. This isn’t because I’m some health nut (which I am), but because they just really scare me.

The mention of fun facts alludes to an interesting thing about secrets. I don’t think that secrets are things that you’re unwilling to share, just things that you don’t often share. Like the thing about elevators. I would tell absolutely anyone that if they asked–but they almost never do. There’s a lot of things with me that are like that, and I assume for a lot of people too. It’s just that no one asks.

If you’re curious, I don’t have any brilliant insight about how disconnected the world is and that we should ask strangers to tell us their secrets. I actually just forgot to write this morning, and I keep hearing the phrase “TELL ME YOUR SECRETS” in a specific voice playing through my head.

Now, onto the subtitle.

Going to the baritone house is a struggle because I am greeted with, prompted with before leaving, or asked anywhere in-between to tell my secrets.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t have a list of secrets saved into Evernote. So, I try to make things up on the spot. As I stated at the beginning, if I gave a good high quality secret every time, I would be completely transparent. I get away with not telling secrets every time because it’s really hard to have two or three secrets a week prepared. I don’t even know if I have enough secrets to keep this up!

Actually, I think the phrase would be better put as a game where I tell a fun fact about myself every time I see specific person.

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