Days 16, 17, 18, and 19: Band Log #WestCoast

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This band log is significantly longer than the last, because I drove significantly less.

Very few edits have been made. Those were for spelling, punctuation, and taking out things that seemed funny at the time but were actually a bit too offensive.


5:04 am. Good morning Matt, its time for band. I got less sleep than I care to admit and yet I’m wide awake.

5:57 don’t tell anyone but this is the first time in over a week I’ve eaten a banana.

6:30 parked in a sketchy used car lot so I could run to Dunkin to poop.

7:06 ran into Connor at the airport. Small world!

7:21 spin class at the airport

Airport Spin Class


It's not Actually a Kids Toy

Definitely Real

8:23 a loud high pitched noise has been going on for like 20 minutes. Considering earplugs. This is very unpleasant.

10:51 (start central time) this Friday’s has an entire page dedicated to cooking red meat with jack Daniels. This stuff just doesn’t happen in philly.

11:05 I’m seriously impressed by how fancy this looks? Was not expecting this.Fancy ass friday's

11:29 “paging Eddie dicks”

1:02 I think a woman just asked for sky vodka?

3:23 I have to pee REALLY bad but there’s like 8 people in line for one bathroom. Bad design.

2:28 (start pacific) there’s a sculptire made of petrified wood this is too deep for me

2:35 SF airport does not have kiddy play areas. Moderately disappointed

5:08 arrived at hotel. That took a really long time (yes nearly two and a half hours to get a car and drive “40” minutes).

10:15 That was easily the most relaxed rehearsal I’ve ever been a part of and it was one of the smoother ones too


7:24 the worst part of staying at a hotel is that there’s no wakeup call.

7:58 I’m still not over how they own a bingo hall.

10:13 holy balls the tour fee is expensive for not including spring training

11:43 we started visual block laying down and it took an hour to get to standing up. No complaints.


1:54 caturday shirts!

4:05 (guess): “Matt did you March cadets?”
“You bounce like them. Loosen up your booty.”

4:53 I travelled an awfully long way to be across PA


7:30 “we’re going to take a three minute break. That probably means five.” I didn’t think such a place existed where drum corps time is LONGER than real time.


10:24 People in both cities: Why’s it so cold?

It's cold in CantonCA are btiches about temperature

11:14 Wayne Downey led the ballad rehearsal. That was way cool.

12:40 I cut myself. I don’t care to explain but if you need to know you can ask.

2:22 the hotel serves beer at the front desk? I’m not sure if this is weird or if PA is weird.

7:20 I did a series of touristy things and it wasn’t that bad. Who am i?

SF Bay

[Time Unknown] I think I just found the greatest product ever made.



4:50am I’ve outdone myself on wakeup

7:06pm Arrived home, rather uneventful day traveling home.

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