Bugged by Little Things

Every once in a while there’s little teeny tiny things that bug the hell out of me. Today it was misspelling something in an email that went out to 30 professors.

I’m not so sure why it bothers me so much. Clearly I want to hold myself to some high standard–but the reason for that isn’t clear either. Am I trying to show off to someone? Do I just care about excellence that much? Or do I fear facing what I am without the purpose the high standard gives me?

Whether accurate or not the last one might be trying to read a little too much into one letter. However, I feel the point still stands on subjecting ourselves to more stress because we feel like we should. For clarity: misspellings absolutely contribute to things being harder to read understand, but this was one letter and it was quite clear what I meant. So, I’m subjecting myself to some degree of stress or self judgement over something I feel like I should, rather than something I really want to.

It sounds absurd in this scenario, but it happens all the time–mostly around being busy.

I’ve written about that a few times: [1] and [2]

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