Big Groups (Or no Groups)

Big groups.png

When you’re in unfamiliar situations, it’s usually in your best interest to find a group that’s just the right size. Walking alone through this convention center, I’ve decided that a group of one is too small. However, watching the huge groups of students from the same school, I’ve decided that a group of twenty or might be too big. I think my ideal spot is somewhere around six.

Location, Location, Location



I’ve always wondered why in the internet era, it’s necessary to go to somewhere like the Bay Area to get a startup running. Clearly it’s not strictly necessary, but as is analogous to gas prices, it’s helpful to bet there. You’d run into more helpful people, run into better helpful people, and possibly get some kind of local discount.

“Someone’s Going to Steal My Idea!”


There’s this common theme among aspiring entrepreneurs that you can’t share your ideas with anyone or they’ll steal them.


There’s a few problems with this:

  • Why would someone want your idea? It’s statistically likely that it’s not that good anyway
  • The assumption that ideas are a limited resource
  • The idea you have right now is the best one you’ll ever have


The first is true, and the latter two are false. Ideas are nearly limitless, and if you keep thinking them up they’ll only get better. Additionally, if you look at historical events (consider: Where Good Ideas Come From) and consider the ship it graph, good ideas are hardly ever made in isolation.


Go tell people about your idea, get feedback, and make it better. If it’s truly world changing, no one’s going to steal it.

Get Good

Get good.png

It’s well known in some circle and less known in others that physical adaptation isn’t strictly a function of hard work. It’s more a function of hard work and then recovery. So if you go do 16 hours of hard labor every day for the sole purpose of getting stronger, you’ll get stronger much much more slowly than in if you did less work but recovered better.