Ask More Questions


It’s very clear that asking more questions can help you understand better, but it’s not clear what that relationship looks like. I don’t think it’s exponential, as asking the 501st question doesn’t gain a TON more insight than the 500th question. It’s also difficult to depict a cubic shape, because that requires an inflection point and I have no idea where that might be. Does the 10th question gain the most information? The 50th? The 100th? It’s difficult to say. So I settled on a linear representation. This feels nice as each additional question does lead to more understanding and it’s not unreasonable to say that the marginal gain of understanding is relatively constant.

Whiteboards are Creative

Whiteboard creativity.png

Any decently creative space has a few writeable surfaces. Because of this, we sometimes assume that whiteboards are necessary for creativity, rather than simply allowing what exists to flourish. While I sit in the d.School and look around the team working areas, they are covered in whiteboards, but more importantly they’re used by people who are insanely creative and work together well. Other things like standing up and modularity help as well.

Debriefing an Activity

Debrief .png

This weekend at the d.School at Stanford, I had the opportunity to co-debrief (shoutout to Asya) an interesting activity. Unlike many of the other sessions, the inspiration walk was extremely solitary and participants wouldn’t have an opportunity to share what they learned before debriefing with us. Because of this, we had so much to talk about. However, through the rotations, I found that the talking points I wanted to hit were far less impactful than the stories of breakthroughs from the students.

Because of this, it seems to make more sense to design the activity so that students highly highly likely to experience what you would have told them, so that they can tell each other. Unfortunately for me, the inspiration walk had already been recorded and was out of my control. We managed fine though.

Time with Family


It’s thanksgiving and with that comes spending time with people you may or may not like. I’ve found that early on everyone is very tolerable, however eventually the conversation shifts to politics or current events or similar. In my family, somewhere in here a line gets crossed which I’ll call the racist joke line. It marks a strong downturn in my desire to be around certain family members, despite them being told by multiple people that what they’ve said isn’t okay.